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News: Presentation at the KNU SDGs Glo-cal Week 2023

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Date 2023-11-07 21:27
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Presentation at the KNU SDGs Glo-cal Week 2023 (2023년 강원대학교 SDGs 글로컬 주간 발표)
  • Topic: Desertification and Nomads in Mongolia: Building Education Ecology for Nomads (몽골 사막화와 유목민: 유목민을 위한 교육생태계 구축)
  • Where: Student Session at the Kangwon National University  SDGs Glocal Week
  • When: 2023.11.21 (Tusday)
  • Presenter: Baasankhuu BOLORCHIMEG / Senior, Business Management / University of Finance and Economics (Selected and Advised by the UFE Center for Korea and Mongolia Development)
Student Session Participant Universities
  • Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, India
  • University of Finance and Economics, Mongolia
  • Souphanouvong University, Laos
  • Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Vietnam
  • Korean Universities from Kangwon Province